Caregiver Resources

Funding Resources

The Medicaid Long Term Managed Care Program pays for Adult Day Care Services. To apply for the Long Term Care Program you can contact Medicaid, the ADRC, or Department of Elder Affairs.


(800) 735-1150

Department of Elder Affairs: 

(850) 414-2000 

Aging & Disability Resource Center ADRC:

(954) 745-9779

Once approved for the Medicaid Long Term Managed Care Program you will be required to pick 1 of the 3 providers in Broward County. We accept all 3. The current providers are:

  • Simply Healthcare LTMC 800-950-7679
  • Sunshine Health LTMC 866-796-0530
  • Humana LTMC 954-735-1150


Hospice Care

Some of our members eventually need extra services due to increased frailty. Hospice Care is an excellent way to get additional services at home. The Hospice organizations we work with are:

TrustBridge Hospice 


Vitas Hospice




Many of our participants use Broward County Tops Transportation. Tops is a Para-Transit Van company for the disabled. You can download the Tops application from Broward County Tops. Once approved, your loved one will be able to use Tops vans for door to door service to The SarahCare of Coral Springs Adult Day Care Center for $3.50 each way.

For those that are on the Medicaid Long Term Care Program, your loved one will receive free transportation from that specific program.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Resources

Alzheimer's Association


Aging & Disability Resource Center ADRC


Department of Elder Affairs

Important Free Forms

Living Will

Everybody should have a Living Will in place. It's important that everyone knows your wishes if you were to become incapacitated. You can download our Free Living Will Form by clicking here. Be sure to give a copy to a loved one or a friend in case of emergencies. (PDF document is Legal Paper Size and will need to be printed on Legal size paper)

Health Care Surrogate

The Health Care Surrogate form is to designate a family member or friend to make "health" related decisions if you are unable to do so. You can download our Free Health Care Surrogate form by clicking here.


Florida Durable Power of Attorney

The Florida Durable Power of Attorney form is for Medical and FINANCIAL Decisions. This form gives full control to a family member to speak on your behalf for everything. You can download our Free Durable Power of Attorney form by clicking here.

Links for children coping with parents with Alzheimer's.

Children coping with a parent who has Alzheimer's disease may face unique challenges and emotions. Several resources are available to help them better understand and manage their feelings and experiences. Here's a list of resources that can provide support, information, and guidance:

  1. Alzheimer's Association ( - The Alzheimer's Association offers resources specifically designed for children and teens, including age-appropriate information, brochures, and videos that help explain Alzheimer's and its effects on families.
  2. AFA Teens ( - A division of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America that provides resources, support, and guidance for teenagers who have a family member with Alzheimer's or a related dementia.
  3. Children of Aging Parents ( - A nonprofit organization that offers information, support, and resources for children and adults caring for aging loved ones, including those with Alzheimer's disease.
  4. Family Caregiver Alliance ( - This organization provides resources and information for family caregivers, including those caring for a parent with Alzheimer's or dementia. They have materials specifically designed to support children and teenagers.
  5. The National Institute on Aging ( - Their website contains resources and information on Alzheimer's and related dementias, including materials geared towards children and teenagers to help them understand the disease and its impact on their families.
  6. Local support groups - Many communities have Alzheimer's or dementia support groups where children and teenagers can connect with others experiencing similar situations. Check with your local Alzheimer's Association chapter, school counselor, or community center for more information.
  7. School counselors and mental health professionals - School counselors, therapists, and psychologists can provide valuable support, guidance, and resources to children and teenagers coping with a parent's Alzheimer's diagnosis.
  8. Books and literature - There are several books available that can help children and teenagers understand Alzheimer's and learn to cope with the emotional challenges it brings. Examples include "Why Did Grandma Put Her Underwear in the Refrigerator?" by Max Wallack and Carolyn Given, and "What's Happening to Grandpa?" by Maria Shriver.
  9. Online forums and support groups - Websites such as the Alzheimer's Association ( and the Alzheimer's Foundation of America ( offer online forums where children and teenagers can connect with others facing similar challenges and share their experiences and advice.
  10. Family therapy and counseling - Professional therapists and counselors can help families navigate the challenges that come with an Alzheimer's diagnosis, including supporting children and teenagers in understanding and coping with their emotions.