The Coral Springs Adult Day care Center is one of the few proud Adult Day Care Centers that have the additional “Specialty Alzheimer’s Services License”.

What does this mean to you?

The Specialty Alzheimer’s Services License means that we go above and beyond the state required regulations for Adult Day Care.

The additional requirements for Specialty Alzheimer’s Services are:

  • Provide ADRD participants with a program for dementia-specific, therapeutic activities, including, but not limited to, physical, cognitive, and social activities appropriate for the ADRD participant’s age, culture, and level of function.
  • Maintain at all times a minimum staff-to-participant ratio of 1 staff member who provides direct services for every 5 ADRD participants. (Regular Adult Day Care is 1 for 6)
  • Provide ADRD participants with a program for therapeutic activity at least 70 percent of the time that the center is open.
  • Provide ADRD participants with hands-on assistance with activities of daily living, inclusive of the provision of urinary and bowel incontinence care.
  • Create an individualized plan of care for each ADRD participant which addresses the identified, dementia-specific needs of the ADRD participant and the caregiver.
  • Conduct a monthly health assessment of each ADRD participant which includes, but is not limited to, the ADRD participant’s weight, vital signs, and level of assistance needed with activities of daily living.
  • Assist in the referral or coordination of other dementia-specific services and resources needed by the ADRD participant or the caregiver, such as medical services, counseling, medical planning, legal planning, financial planning, safety and security planning, disaster planning, driving assessment, transportation coordination, or wandering prevention.
  • Offer, facilitate, or provide referrals to a support group for persons who are caregivers to ADRD participants.
  • Routinely conduct and document a count of all ADRD participants present in the center throughout each day. This count must be compared to each ADRD participant’s attendance record in order to ensure that an ADRD participant is not missing from the center.
  • Be a secured unit or have working alarm or security devices installed on every door that is accessible to the ADRD participant and provides egress from the center or areas of the center designated for the provision of adult day care - specialized Alzheimer’s services.

SarahCare of Coral Springs Adult Day Care Center is the only Adult Day Care Facility in Northern Broward County that meets and exceeds all of these special requirements.