What are the transportation options?

Many of our participants use Broward County Tops Para-transit Services. This is a service you need to apply for through Broward County. It is door to door transportation. For more information on Tops Transportation click here.


Is there a minimum amount of days per week you must attend?

Yes, we have a minimum of 2 days per week. (Does not need to be the same 2 days each week)


Is there a minimum or maximum amount of hours per day?

We only have a daily rate. It is the same price wether your loved one attends for 4 hours or 11 hours per day.


Do we need an appointment to come for a tour of the center?

No appointment necessary. You are more then welcome to stop by anytime, Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm for a personal tour of our center. (Please avoid the hour from 1pm-2pm as our participants are enjoying rest time)


Do you serve meals?

Yes. Breakfast, Hot Lunch and an afternoon snack are included each day.


Are you able to accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, we have alternatives for diabetics and for those who have swallowing issues. All meals are low sodium.


Do you accept seniors with Alzheimer's and Dementia?

Yes, our staff is trained to care for member with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Our center is also a secured facility so we don't have issues with our members wandering off.


Do you accept seniors with Parkinson's Disease?

Yes, our staff is trained to care for member with Parkinson's disease. Our full time Nurse is here to dispense Parkinson's medication throughout the day.


Do you accept seniors who have had a stroke?

Yes, our staff is trained to care for members who have had a stroke and may have partial paralysis.


Do you accept seniors who are confined to a wheelchair?

Yes, as long as the member is weight bearing on at least one leg and can be transferred to a recliner or a toilet.


Do you accept seniors with incontinence issues?

Yes, when a member is incontinent we put them on a toileting schedule of every two hours. We have lockers for our members to keep extra clothes and under garments. We also have a washer and dryer so no clothes will come home dirty. All of this is handled in a very dignified manor by our professional and caring nursing assistants.